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Apr 4, 2010

Sickie LJ

Well, early last week we found out LJ has an upper respiratory infection that moved to his ear. So, LJ has his very first ear infection. :( His doctor put him on Augmentin (well, it is the generic, really) for ten days, twice a day. Boy can it be "oh-so-fun" to try giving a two year old meds he really doesn't want to be taking. Luckily we have started making it a little bit of a game to see how fast he can take it. Then we all high five. It seems to be working.
One thing that the doc. warned us of is that the medication can give some kids diarrhea. On day two of the meds, LJ had quite the diaper. I was like, there is no way I want to going through tons of cloth dipes that are this nasty. Yeah, it was nasty. So, we moved to cloth for a bit to save my sanity and laundry. :) Of course, that was it. Then in the two days we have LJ in sposies, he does nothing. So, since I was going nuts not doing cloth, and LJ was obviously doing fine handling the meds without it upsetting his system, we have moved back to cloth.
I am amazed how much I was disliking going with disposables again. If LJ would make a messy diaper, it was usually after we just changed him. I hate having to waste a disposable because he poo-ed. With cloth it doesn't get wasted because I just wash it and we are back to normal. You know, I think that is one great thing about cloth versus disposables. You don't really have wasted diapers. I love it!
So, we are still on the meds, but back in cloth. Being as LJ still acts sick sometimes, my computer time is even more limited than it was before. I am only writing this because I finally just had to sneak down to the basement to "check my mail" and blog a little. :)
I hope everyone has had a great Easter!
He is Risen!
He is Risen indeed!
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