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Apr 21, 2010

Two Years Already!

My Little man turned two Saturday. I can't believe it. I don't know where the time went. We had his "birthday party" for our friends on Thursday night at our local chinese restaurant (where we go every Thursday night with friends). LJ got some great stuff, but of course his favorite thing is a road racing kind of car that makes lots of noise and does "burnouts." Our friend has a son one month younger (BB) than LJ and BB was the one to pick LJ's gift.
On Sunday we had family over to celebrate LJ's birthday with us. Parking was interesting, but everyone seemed to have a blast. LJ Particularly enjoyed his cake.
Well, better said, he enjoyed playing with and destroying his cake...

Yes, he would scoop up icing in the scoop of his front end loader and off load it in his mouth. :)
And I think we found two of his favorite gifts (that we will let him play with now).

 Overall, I am happy that he seems to love what he got, but also, he didn't get a ton of things that I just have to pack away for the big move. :)
I don't know where the time has gone. I can still vividly remember the night he was born, but that night is one I am sure I won't forget as it was so memorable in so many ways...
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