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Sep 8, 2011

Growing up so fast!

You know, children just grow up way too fast it seems. I have thought that so many times LJ was born. Then again I have felt that way since not long after my younger sister was born (she is 14). Now my baby girl has me saying it all over again. BG is growing bigger everyday.
My baby is already 7 months old and she has at least one tooth. I say at least because I think she may be cutting her second tooth only days after cutting her first tooth. When BG was one day shy of 7 months, she had one of her crankiest days. It just was not like her to not be happy playing on the floor or swinging if mommy had to put her down. I just did not know what was going on with her until finally mid afternoon she grabbed my one finger and started to gum it. That is when I realized that her gums were no longer smooth. BG's very first tooth was already cut through her gums. Of course! That was why she was so unhappy. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. Well, I sort of do. When at her latest well check, her teeth didn't seem like they were imminent or anything like that, and that was the opinion of the doctor.
I knew that she was working on teeth, but that they were maybe a little further away. But now my girl has one tooth in the lower gum line. She has had a few more cranky days and I believe she may be working on one or maybe even two more teeth within the next few weeks. Who knows, it may only be a few days before the next one cuts through. If that is the case, I feel bad for my girl. That cannot be much fun.
As it stands, BG is growing very well. She started regular foods and I have been making most of them. We haven't really gone in any order of what she tries, we just keep it simple. At her well check she came out great. For weight she is in the 32-35 percentile. She is just over 50% for her height. She does have a big head though (66%). I think it is from all of those compliments she keeps getting. :)

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