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Aug 23, 2011

Guest Blogging

Time completely got away from me. Another great blog, Happily Domestic, has been hosting a very fun event called Fluff Fest. Before it all began Beth was looking for guest bloggers.  I figured I would see if she would like a post from me and well, she did. :)
Yesterday was the day my post was put up on her blog.
What did I write about? I have been becoming more and more passionate about showing families how they can cloth diaper for almost no money. That is what I blogged about; Diapering for Almost Nothing! I highlighted ways to diaper for the cost of a few very cheap but very good covers.
Feel free to go check it out. While you are over there, you can even check out the giveaways that are going on. Fluff Fest continues until the end of the month. A month of Fluff, how awesome!
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