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Aug 22, 2011

Training Pants Anyone?

With LJ potty training, we go through a lot more big boy underpants and trainers these days. We have our share of store bought trainers and underpants, but I know that I can also make him trainers and the like.
Over the months I have found a bunch of free patterns online for making training pants. Many of the patterns have The body of the trainers as all one piece, like the pattern here. Then I was able to find a pattern that has the front and back wings separate from the middle panel of the trainer. I can then use FOE as the binding around the legs and waist. The pattern I found is a Ditto Daddy Free Trainer Pattern. The page says that the pattern cannot be made waterproof, but I made the center panel water resistant by using rip stop nylon and it seems to fit LJ nicely.
While I did use the pattern, I didn't follow the instructions all the way. Once I have a pattern to work with, I tend to make the item the way I would like to and not always the way they describe. I used rip-stop nylon for the outer layer of the front to back panel. I didn't want that material against LJ's skin so I made an inner layer using a t-shirt sleeve and some microfiber (absorbancy). The wings are made from scraps of fleece. This way the wings are stretchy where they need to be but the center isn't (I don't think it need to be stretchy here).
Now LJ has a pair of partially waterproof training pants that have a little bit of absorbing power. I am thinking that once they are clean we are going to try them out for nap times. If need be I can always add a little more absorbancy, but LJ has been doing very well with his potty training. Now for a picture, albeit blurry, of LJ showing off his new underpants. It was very nice being able to try them on him at various times during the fabrication process. :)

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