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Aug 1, 2011

6 Months!

Today marks six months of life for my little girl. I can't believe it really. She has been growing so much. What has the past 6 months been like?
My baby has gone from this
to this
yes, that is rice cereal all over her!
BG has gone from no control of her arms and legs to playing and interacting with her toys and the world.
We have gone from preemie clothes all the way to 6 month or so clothes.
Where I stopped pumping milk for LJ when he was 4 months and he never did really latch, BG and I are still breastfeeding and going strong! I am so happy for this milestone in particular. When formula was all LJ was getting at this point in time in his young life, BG has not had one drop. Yay for not having to make bottles of formula (especially in the middle of the night).
BG has even started table foods and her mommy has been making all of them. We have not bought jars of baby food. Already my little girl has tried bananas, avocado, rice cereal, mashed potatoes, squash, and one or two other foods.
My girl has been in cloth diapers more than she has been in disposables. I have not had to buy disposable diapers yet. She is starting to outgrow the 1-2 sized sposies and I have a bunch of size 2 still.
When we brought our little girl home, she was able to sleep with her head at one side of the bassinet and her feet at the other. Now she is almost too long for the bassinet and she will be moving in to share a room with her brother before we know it.

It is so wonderful to have my big boy and my little girl. I could not ask for more, really. God has blessed me so much. Both of my children are so good and my heart melts daily because of them. I am so happy to be a mommy to these two children and a wife to my wonderful husband (had to mention him at some point). ;)

Happy Six Months Baby Girl!
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