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May 13, 2011

What does my Cloth stash look like now?

There have been a few posts in the past where I have shown my cloth stash in its current form. I haven't done this in quite some time and not in entirety of my newborn stash. Since I am now using cloth almost full time with BG (Baby girl, which is Baby C's new moniker).
I am not even sure exactly how many of what I have anymore, but I am okay with that. For the most part I am pretty happy with our stash. One thing I know for sure is that this is not the stash I thought I would have when I started this over a year and a half ago. Right now, this is what works nicely for my newborn. At the same time I am already finding it more difficult to do prefolds and flats with BG as she is wiggling and worming her way around so much more. I can't believe she is over 3 months already! (that is a different post altogether)
So, I took some picture of my stash. I actually have three as I had nice clean diapers, some freshly cleaned and hanging to dry and then there are my wipes in yet another area. Three pictures needed to try to cover one stash of cloth diapers. Oh my! Let's begin...
This picture shows a little over half of my stash. The diapers in the front middle are the ones I made for her that she has outgrown. The right has the stuffings. The green basket thing has my prefolds (most of which I made). I also have two stacks of shirts that are folded for diapering. This also shows the underpants I have for LJ and the covers for those if we wear cloth trainers and leave the house. Next to my Knickernappies diaper in the front to the left are some of my flats all folded and ready to be put on BG with a cover. The red cover is the one that I made for her. I love it!
I do love the sight of fresh diaper laundry hanging on the line. And after some of these flats being hung out, I am a new believer in the power of the sun for bleaching. As you can see, most of my pockets were in this load of laundry. I was very happy to use them again after using mostly flats while out of town.
You know, if you are going to use cloth diapers, cloth wipes just make so much sense. And you know what? I find myself wanting to reach for cloth more and more when it comes to cleaning off hands that get dirty, wiping runny noses, and so much more. When you start using cloth, you find yourself wanting to use more and more of it!
Lastly, I wanted to show what all of those diapers look like when I get a chance to put them away all nice and neat like.
That's right. I use the main part of my pac-n-play to hold my diapers, seeing as I always use the changing pad on it to change her diaper. It made sense.

What does your cloth stash look like? Do you have just diapers, or do you also have a stash of kitchen cloth? Bathroom cloth? How much have you made the switch?

Until next time... Happy days using cloth!
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