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May 20, 2011

Only a few days left until "The Challenge"


There are only a few days left until the Flats and Handwashing Challenge begins. Until Kim posted about there only being 6 days left (posted a few days ago), it had not even dawned on me that we were getting so close to this.
How am I preparing for this great challenge? Well, my plan is this:

Supplies: I received a dozen flat diapers from Diaper Junction. I know this will not be enough for the challenge so I found ways to get more flats. Well, I made or re-purposed them. 
The line farthest to the left are the Diaper Junction flats. Next I have an old infant towel in with my line of receiving blankets that will now be flat diapers. Next, I have made six flat diapers from three XL t-shirts. These are slightly smaller than the store bought flats, but they should still work nicely. Hey, I have more than enough shirts to try this out. :) 
I will be using 5 of my most reliable covers for this challenge. Two are Happy Flute, one is Mommy made (red), and I have two Mother-Ease covers. The Mother-ease are actually two different ones. I have an older hook and look cover and a new one with snaps that I got to buy when we visited family in Canada over the summer. I also have two snappis but I don't always use them with my flats. 

Washing: I have 24 flats now. This should be enough for at least two days worth of diapering. I know right now that I may not always be able to wash each night, so I may have to do some washing in the morning which means I need enough to have a days worth drying and still be able to diaper BG. I do hope to wash each night though and hang the diapers up on our indoor line (on our screened in porch). 
Attack: I will be doing my wash in the camp style washer as it is just easier to do in my eyes. I am able to agitate the diapers to where I feel they are getting clean. I just can't do that in the tub. 

Mentally: I have practiced with flats now for some time. I have already tried out my camp washer. I know I am fairly prepared for this challenge. I am trying to keep my eyes focused on why I am doing this. I know that there are those who are just trying to make it to the next pay check and even that is already spent.  I am very blessed to be able to stay at home while Hubby goes to work and supports us. I want this to be about seeing how well someone who does not have ready access to a washer and dryer could live with using cloth diapers. I must say though that I have enjoyed using my flats so far. They are easier to use than I thought. I do know however that I will be the one doing all of the changes. :)

After the Challenge: I have a feeling I will be holding on to my flats for a while as I do like them. They have their place in my rotation. When I am done diapering, they will probably end up being given to a mommy in need or a cheap diapering solution or maybe go with other parts of my stash to be sold. I know that there are some organizations out there that are looking for cloth diapers as donations that they then pass on to new moms and those in need. 

Below is the Linky of those who will be taking the Flats Challenge with me. 

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