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May 27, 2011

FlatsChallenge - Days 3 & 4 & 5

Well, I am happy to say that we have not had any leaks these past three nights! I am so happy about that. A lot of moms are bringing up chapped hands and needing moisturizer. I am feeling very lucky to not be needing any of that. I think part of it may be that I have been able to space my washings to every two days or so. Also, I really do not get my hands in the water. The only time my hands hit wet, I am wringing out diapers. Yes, that does get to my hands, but they recover quickly. This is why I am loving my camp style washer as much as I am. I don't have to get my hands dirty.
I am still really glad that I got myself to do this Challenge. I have been wanting to use cloth on BG since she was born and this was the push I needed. I know that I can, now. I don't think I would have been quite as eager to do that challenge if it weren't for the generosity of Diaper Junction either. They were so nice as to give 30 bloggers a dozen flats each and I happen to be one of those bloggers. I love the flats I was sent. They really take a beating, but stand up to it all!
I do love seeing her in fluff that I created too. Okay, so the flats that I "made" were just pieces I cut from shirts and didn't do any sewing, but I am the one that got them into their current state. And you just have to love not using disposables! I have not had to buy any disposable diapers for my baby girl and we still have plenty to fit her until 15 pounds (give or take since she is skinny like her brother). I like the thought of not having to buy diapers. LOVE IT!
During the day, our diapering has been pretty uneventful. I have been trying a few new folds that seem to be helping with containing her poo as well. The one that I am really keen on really isn't a new fold, but a different way of doing the origami fold to help contain the poo. I found this in a post from a guest blogger on the Kellywels.com site. She has coined it the butterfly fold and it is the origami fold but you fold up the wings a bit more before putting the flat on the baby. The link above takes you to the full tutorial.
I am also trying out the "Diaperbag" fold. This is one that I first found on DDL's blog and she has linked back to the original tutorial where she found it. This fold does allow for a lot of layers where you may need it (I think it may be better for boys) and it folds up nicely for the diaper bag. That is where it got its name.
I have remained partial to the origami fold and I just fold it more like the butterfly fold in case she makes a mess of it. I believe that it may be my go to fold for the time to come as well because it just works for us.

For those who are wondering what I am talking about when I talk about the "Challenge," well, Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry has challenged herself and any who want to join her to cloth diaper their children full time for one week (Monday to Monday) with flat diapers and to wash by hand and air dry. You can find more information about the "Flats and Handwashing Challenge" on her site. 

For now, I am going to leave you with the linky to check out the other bloggers who are taking the challenge. I am off to wash some diapers!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

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