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Apr 27, 2011

Preparing for "The FlatsChallenge"

I am excited to do the Flats and Handwashing Chellenge that will be taking place during the week of May 23. I really feel that advocating cloth diapering in almost any situation is what needs to happen. I have found that I am wanting to be more of an advocate for cloth use.
I have already prepped my flat diapers from Diaper Junction. I wanted to do most of my prepping and everything true to the challenge (hand prep). I was able to do this to a point, but then I wanted to make sure they were prepped enough for use, so they did go in the washer and dryer to finish things off.
Anyway, here is my prepping of the flats for this challenge.
First I jumped for joy (ok no jumping, but I was really excited) when I saw the flats had arrived. I took the diapers out of the box and bag.
I received the small flats (27" square)
Now, I didn't think of the boiling method of prepping, like DDL shows you here, so I did the stripping in the tub method. First I filled the tub with super hot water.
the tub is filling, the flats are hanging, and LJ is watching it all!
I measured out how much RnG I was going to use and poured it in while the water was going so it would help mix it all in. Then in go the flats! (Now, these were all clean diapers, and we have hard well water that we know is not that great and so water discoloration is not from dirt in the diapers but more from our water just being what it is.)
Let them chill and agitate occasionally.
After letting the diapers get happy in the water and getting some of those natural oils out, I drained the tub and wrung out the flats. Then it was time to rinse. (doing this while Hubby was at work made it so these steps were not captured) I wanted to rinse in hot water so that more of the oils and detergent could be rinsed off of the diapers. I used our shower head to spray the diapers as I hand tossed them. We have to be careful how much water we use in a day as our well is shallow, so I didn't want to do a whole second tub full of water knowing that I had other diapers to wash regularly as well. After feeling that I had the flats rinsed fairly well, I wrung them out again and put them into one of our laundry baskets to head downstairs.
Here is where my conveniences took over. I know that these natural diapers need to be washed a bit more than I could do in my tub to get the oils out and things ready for use, so in to my washer they went. I was then able to wash them with my normal routine and dry them. I did hang dry one of the flats so that I could see how long they would take to dry if hung out on my porch (screened in).
Oh how I love seeing my covers all cute on the line!
I was amazed at how fast the t-shirt and the flat dried even on my screened in porch and moderate weather outside. The shirt will be a whole second post all on it own. :)
So, slowly I am getting us ready for this awesome challenge. One of my next FlatsChallenge posts is going to be all about me making our very own camp style washer with a bucket and plunger. Can't wait!


Until next time...Happy Diapering!

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