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Apr 12, 2011

AppleCheeks' Accessories Review

I love using cloth diapers on my little girl. It is a wonderful thing. At times though, there are some certain accessories that you may want when using cloth. Some of these include cloth wipes, wetbags, liners, and more. Applecheeks has granted your accessory wishes.
Not only does this company have awesome looking diapers (I have yet to be able to try one of these though I have wanted to do so for AGES), they also offer different items that moms may want to use with the diapers.
First up are their Storage Sacs. Let's face it, you need a place to hold your dirty diapers before they make it to the wash. Applecheeks offers two sizes. I tried out the size 1 storage sac and let me tell you, this is one awesome size 1 storage sac! When they say "our Storage Sacs come in two generous sizes," they mean it (quote taken from website). The size 1 Sac is large enough to hold a good 6-8 diapers for newborns. Actually, if I tried, I could probably get that many of like a medium diaper in there as well. I love it! The Storage Sac has two rope drawstrings with cord stops that allow the bag to close nice and tight easily. It is also really easy to open it back up when you need to. Another feature of this Storage Sac that I like over some of the other brands is that they offer a flat bottom. The corners of this bag have been sewn so that it will sit flat on the table instead of straight edges coming to hard corners. 
I love the Storage Sac and now even use it as my night time wetbag and it is perfect for longer day trips as well. 

Another accessory that I am in love with now are cloth wipes. If I am going to be using a cloth diaper, why not use a cloth wipe as well? Now I can do so and enjoy it even more with Applecheeks' bamboo wipes. These wipes are a nice 8x8 square. The fabric that they are made out of is so soft, it isn't even funny! I love using these wipes. The coverage is great and I know that they feel nice on baby's bum. If you get any of these wipes, they will quickly become your favorite wipes (as in as soon as you open the package and feel them). 

To go with wipes, most people use a solution with their cloth wipes. Again, Applecheeks has you covered. Enter their Gentle Cleansing Solution. This can be bought in a concentrate or in a ready to use spray bottle. I love the spray bottle as it is perfect for the diaper bag. Not only does this solution cleans baby's' bum, but it can also clean hands and faces and leave them smelling nice. This solution uses Tea Tree Oil and Lavender and is all natural and a disinfectant. Gotta love that!

So, one of the last accessories that I have used in the past to make my cloth diapering life a little easier is disposable liners. I have used many different brands and some are definitely better than others. I have used some that were basically really rough toilet paper (down to the roll it came on). Others have been nice and soft and still able to hold up to toddler poos. Applecheeks' flushable liners are some of the best liners I have tried to date. They are a good size so that I can fold them for my little girl, but they would easily contain a larger mess from my son if he still wore diapers. While being soft, they really do their job of holding the mess in so that it can be easily disposed of in the toilet. I was amazed when they even held back a decent amount of Baby C's BF poo. I wasn't expecting that.

I love all of the accessories from Applecheeks that I have been able to try out. Now I would just love to have one of their diapers to use with all these great accessories! :) That is for another time though. For all of the products I mentioned in this post and many more head over to the great Applecheeks website.

Until next time... Happy Diapering!

Disclaimer: I received products for the purposes of this review. I did not receive any other monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% my own. Images contained in this review are from the company's site.
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