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Apr 5, 2011

Diapering on little to no budget

This post comes on the heels of a great post by Cotton Babies on their blog. One of the biggest reasons moms give for starting to use cloth diapers over disposables is money. Cloth diapers can be great for saving money. Now for those who are unable to tame their addiction (yes, I am one to raise my hand timidly) cloth can get expensive at times. For those who choose cloth mainly for financial reasons tend to be able to stick to their budgeting with diapers a little better than I. At least that is my assessment. It is so hard to hear of moms who are drying out disposable diapers to save money and think that cloth is too much for them to be able to do. The post that I have linked above focuses on this problem and ways that moms may not be aware that they can cloth diaper their baby without spending much if any money.
I must say that there were a few ideas I had heard of and others that I have not seen before. Like did you know that you can use prefolds, a snappi, a fleece receiving blanket, and a onesie and you are done?
  (my newborn stash on a budget)
One option I had heard of before is folding a t-shirt and using that as a diaper. I saw t-shirt diapering once before on YouTube when just looking around at cloth diapering videos. I put this away in the back of my mind until reading this post.
So this afternoon I folded up a few different sized t-shirts and tried one or two different folds. You know what? this is a really good way to cheaply diaper your baby. It can also be really cute. I found that by using a variation of the fold used in the tutorials I have found, you can focus the diaper in on the cute patterns or designs that tend to be centered on shirts.Using this method, you can then use some great one size covers from a cloth diaper store like Diaper Junction or Kelly's Closet and you are set for almost no money.
As a side note, if you join your local Freecycle.org group online, you can probably find at least one person who has more than enough t-shirts that they no longer use, but still have around, to diaper your baby full time. 
I have also found that Diaper Junction and Kelly's Closet run some really great deals on diapers if you keep your eyes open for them. Of course these sites can also help to feed diaper addiction, so be warned. :) I find to also be good practice to check out sites like Diaperswappers.com, Freecycle.org, and Craigslist to see what used diapers you can find for very good deals (some even free).
For all of those who are working with tight budgets and you still want to consider cloth, I highly recommend reading the post from Cotton Babies (linked above) and see what you have around your house that can be used for diapering. I think you would be surprised.

Until next time...Happy Diapering!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.
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