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Apr 14, 2011

Busy days to come

I know that I have not been posting as much as I used to. This will continue for a little while longer until probably the beginning of May. I am working on preparing my house for a double party. LJ is going to be turning 3 on Sunday. Being Palm Sunday and then Easter the next Sunday we are waiting until early May to have his birthday party. We are also making the party a bit of a housewarming party as many of those who would be at LJ's party have not seen the house.
Yes, we have been in this house since July. Yes, it looks more like we have only been here for a month or two. My house has been a mess since we moved. Being pregnant and moving in to a new house while pregnant and in the heat of summer is not a good idea. So, we are working hard to make this house more to what we want it to be.

This has meant that this past Saturday we spent the whole day working on our enclosed porch. Now this Saturday my mom is coming over to help me with my kitchen and dining room. Every chance I get I am having to work on the house or work on some orders I have for the business. This is all on top of being a mommy to two wonderful kids.
So, please bare with me as I take care of some other priorities in my life. I will be back. I do have some reviews in the works too. I do miss blogging as much I did a month or two ago, but it was taking too much of my time that now needs to be put to other uses.

Until next time... Happy Living!
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