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Oct 7, 2010

Back Carrier for Baby

I love babywearing. It is a great way to make sure that your little one is always near you and you know what they need. When I had LJ I found the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder sling. I liked it. When LJ was maybe close to a year I learned about the Moby and I ended up making something very similar. I love my "Moby" wrap but I recently learned that they no longer suggest using it to carry baby on your back. While I don't know how often I would carry Baby on my back or Hubby's, I wanted to start my search now for a carrier that might work. I don't really like the carriers with the metal supports and all that are more meant for hiking up a mountain with a kid.
This is where I need your help mommas!
What soft baby carrier is your favorite for using when carrying baby on your back? I have seen so many. I know that you can back carry with an Ergo. Have any of you tried an Ergo and did you like it? What, if any, were the pit falls?
I want to wear Baby longer than I did LJ, if she allows.
I need your help!

Until next time....Happy Babywearing!
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