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Oct 21, 2010

Oh the Portability!

For a while now I have been living with my desktop. During college I had a laptop and loved having a laptop. That computer had Windows ME. Woof. Towards the end of college Windows XP came out and my college had it for sale for nice and cheap as an upgrade. Well, what we quickly learned was that laptops running ME should NEVER be upgraded to XP because they just can't handle it. I ended up slowing down my computer so much it was practically unusable. After a bit, I just got myself a desktop (when I married Hubby and we had a house to put it in) that was very nice.
Don't get me wrong, I do love my desktop. It is really nice and has served me well, but you know, it really isn't portable. Portability is so nice when I now have a two story house where the desktop is downstairs and my sewing room is upstairs. Also, when I do craft shows, I would love to have a laptop there for Lynifer's use and for helping my customers better.
So, Hubby and I have been married for almost 5 years. November 4th will be five years of marriage with 11 years of us being together. We were trying to think of what we wanted to do big for our anniversary present. Since a new laptop (preferably and tablet) had been on my list of wants for quite a while (mostly for Lynifer, but also nice for me) we decided that for our anniversary we bought each other new laptops.
So, what kind of laptop did I get? I got myself a very awesome laptop. It is the new HP TouchSmart Tm2.
I got my Tablet PC! We built the PC on the HP website to make it just how I wanted it, and also to be basically the same as the laptop we were getting for my husband (he wanted to see how the price would compare). Well, when we ordered the laptop we got an estimated build date of Oct. 22. A few days later I got the email that my laptop was being built and it was shipped. I got the laptop three days before it was supposed to be here too. It was so nice.
Well, I have had the laptop a couple days now, and I am totally in love! It charges up really quickly, and it stays alive on battery power for a good amount of time. By not having the screen on full brightness, I can have a totally portable laptop in use for a good five hours or more. It all depends on how much I am using it at the time.
I love being able to flip the screen around and have what is more like a notebook than a computer. The TouchSmart tm2 comes with a stylus pen that stores in the side for use whenever. The pen is great and the recognition is amazing. I don't have the greatest of handwriting and it knows what I am writing almost every time. This really is a great laptop and I can't wait to take it to shows for Lynifer and see what it can do for me there!
Okay, I just had to tell you all about my new laptop. Now I am done. :)
Until next time.... Happy Computing!
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