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Jul 9, 2010

Finally back online

Well, I am happy to say that I am finally back online. As many of you may know, we are in the process of moving. Hubby took off all week to move us. Well, we moved the beds Tuesday so we have been living in the house since then. 
I called the phone company to confirm when they would be moving our phone and internet. The answer I got was Thursday. That was it. Well, Wednesday morning comes around and my mom lets me know that she tried dialling our house number to find it had already been disconnected. Yes, they disconnected us Wednesday morning. So then on Thursday I begin trying the house number every so often, hoping to get things up and running so I can check mail and update everyone on here. I got a dial tone mid morning, but it would not ring through to the house. I thought this was a bit weird. It wasn't until almost 3 in the afternoon that we get a knock on our door and it is the phone guy here to make sure he has the info right to connect the phone for the house and then come back for the internet.
2 hours later...we finally had some sort of internet. Well, by this time it is time for our weekly Chinese dinner with friends. We get home and guess what, no internet. Of course. Oh, and I forgot to mention, when I was able to get online before dinner I had 170 new emails waiting for me. Once I was done with my freecycle emails (which I mostly just deleted since they were older ones) I still have like 60 new emails to go through.
I know now that I have 60 some emails and again I am without internet. How can I be a blogger mom without internet? I am not spiffy enough right now to have an awesome phone with internet on it. That just isn't in our budget. :)
Finally mid afternoon hubby turned off the computer and everything internet related for about half and hour to reset things hoping it would work. It did! Finally we have internet and I can catch up on my emails and update all of you.
That makes me happy. It is funny how for so many years there was no such thing as the internet, and now so often if you have to go without the interwebs as we call them around here it feels like you are so out of the loop. I find it funny.
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. We finally have our old house empty and we just have to clean it and get it ready for an open house. Things are moving right along.
I hope to be on here much more, but with Peanut making me take more naps than I normally would (like any at all) I don't have as much time to blog since I can only really do that with LJ napping.
Things are interesing around here to say the least.
Until next time... stay cool!
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