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May 25, 2013

{Flats Challenge} Day 6 - Well, but what do you do at night?

I must say, one thing that had me very hesitant with taking this Flats and Handwashing Challenge was night time. I would use cloth on BG during the day, but she can be a heavy wetter. I didn't want to have her wake in the night soaked and have to be changing bedding. I was happy when I emailed Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry and she told me that  we could whatever nighttime diaper we wanted (of course flats or cloth of any type was preferred). That made me willing to sign up.
Then as the challenge got closer, I began to think that maybe we could try a night of cloth and see how we do. Other moms were talking of their heavy wetters and what they did to keep them dry through the night. On the first night of the challenge I decided to take the plunge and try cloth.
I wanted to make the combination of elements bullet proof. What could I use to do everything I could to keep this kid dry all night? At least outwardly dry.
First, I doubled up on the flats. Yes, I still used flats. I did a simple pad fold flat inside of (I think) an origami fold. We covered that with our trusty Thirsties cover. I didn't stop there. Then I went even farther and put on a pair of wool longies. They were given to us for review when LJ was in diapers. I have not lanolized any wool items in quite some time. I have not used wool at all on BG. I knew that they might not keep moisture in as much as if they had been lanolized recently, but I gave it a shot.
Do you know how things went?
She stayed dry to touch!
She slept all night!
We have done this every night since!
I just had to show off the back of these longies
(It says lil' monkey under the monkey)
I didn't think we could possibly use cloth all night on our heavy wetting little girl. This challenge has shown me that we can. Now, the mostly full box of disposables that sits next to me as I type this is looking like it will last longer and longer. I love it!
I now know that I could use cloth absolutely full time and keep BG pretty dry. Yes, we have had two wet throughs during this week, but it has only been when she decides to hold it all through nap and then drink even more before emptying her bladder.
I am so happy that I decided to take this challenge this year and that I went ahead and tried using cloth that very first night. I think this has been the biggest lesson learned. This is one thing that I have definitely found that works.
This Challenge may only last a week, but its effects are felt long after it ends.

Do you use cloth? Do you use it at night? What is your nighttime diaper of choice?

Until next time... Happy Sleeping!
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