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Jan 25, 2012

Growing Lynifer

Lynifer has been my small business since around the time that LJ was born. It has remained quite small. Now things might move a little more and new doors are opening for me and my business. This really excited me and I can't wait to see where we end up in this venture. With new doors, comes the desire to put my best foot forward and do what I can to be as professional as possible.
First, let me start with the doors that have opened. There is a new shop that will be opening up in our neighboring town. It is going to be a "thrift and gift" shop. My sister-in-law happens to know one of the ladies who is heading up this new venture and she asked me if I would like her to pass my name along. Of course I am not one to pass down an opportunity like this. Now the shop lady and I have been in contact and quite possibly, Lynifer could be in a store! Not only will I have my Etsy "store front" but I will be in an actual brick and mortar shop. I love how this can have so many possibilities for me and Lynifer and it could take us in so many directions.
This has had my head reeling with ideas and thoughts about the business. What to make, what people would buy, how much this could get my name out there, maybe making a new logo, and then how things have changed since I last ordered business cards. Yes, I have business cards for Lynifer, but they are from when things first began. I have changed things along the way and added Esty as my storefront. I figure I should maybe get some new cards that will reflect the most current face of Lynifer.
Another thing that I thought might be nice to do is create a logo for Lynifer. Something that I can put on tags and be/feel more official. I brought this up to Hubby who set to work on ideas. At first our trains of thought were going in completely different directions, but then we were able to converge onto one track and roll with it. I am happy to say that Lynifer now has a brand new logo and you are the first to see it (outside of Hubby and I)
I give mad props to my Hubby for making this logo for me. I just love it. I wanted something to show that I deal with sewing, but to be understated and classy. This is what will soon be appearing on the tags of pieces made by Lynifer. I also have a logo that is just the needle and "L". I think I will use that for things that will have smaller tags.
So, what do you think? Also, anything you would love to see made by Lynifer?
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