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Dec 12, 2011

14 Days!

I can't believe that time is marching along so fast! We really don't have that much time left before Christmas is here. We have been doing more and more to get our house ready for Christmas, all along finding ways to link what we are doing to God and Jesus for LJ.
One of the first ways Christmas time became noticeable was when Hubby's brother put a bow on the front of our van. I quickly forgot it was on our car too. It was almost a week before I saw it again and thus remembered it was there. Oh my! A couple days after the last Christmas post I did, I was able to get the garland going up our stairs. LJ helped me too! He loves finding ways that he can help mommy and daddy. It wasn't much that he helped but it made him feel good to be able to say he helped me out.
One big way that he helped me with Christmas decorating was with the tree. I would put the branches out of the bag they were in and he would put them in the correct color pile. Then when I was ready to put the branches on the tree, LJ would hand me one at a time from the pile I needed. I know this made him so happy because he was telling everyone he saw that he helped mommy with the "mimis tree." I love how he says Christmas. Brings a smile to my face every time. Part of it may be that he is so in love with everything Christmas, and not just presents.
We have been getting more and more Christmas not just in the house too. LJ has been enjoying Christmas shows (especially Curious George's A Very Monkey Christmas) and Christmas crafts in Sunday School at church. Well, Shepard's Flock really. Since I am one of the two ladies that handles the nursery and toddler rooms at our church, I have been working on putting together more of a curriculum for the toddlers, with bible stories, crafts, and so much fun. Many times it is a little rushed as I am getting it together during the Sunday School hour to be done during the service. Either way though, the kids seem to really be enjoying it. The other week LJ made a little manger with a baby pop stick wrapped in a tissue blanket.  One thing LJ doesn't know yet though is that all of this fun Christmas stuff he is doing in church is going to end in a big party Christmas morning. :) More on that later.
For now, I will leave you with one of my favorite Christmas pictures from our house. There really is no more cozy scene than a burning fireplace (stove) and a lit and decorated Christmas tree!

Until next time... Happy Christmas Prepping!
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