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Jun 17, 2011

Traveling with Cloth

Well, it is inevitable. At some point you will end up traveling somewhere while a child is in diapers. When you use cloth, many question how they will travel and still use cloth or if disposables should be the diaper of choice.
We are preparing for our own travels as summer leaps upon us. Summer brings vacations and many times, for us, that means camping. Soon BG will have her first time camping, and we plan to stay in a tent (other family members will be in campers).
What will we do for diapering BG while camping? 
Well, I asked Hubby this and his response seemed to be along the lines of "why would we do any different?" We will be using cloth. After the flats challenge, I am even more prepared than I would have been if I had not participated in that challenge. I have plenty of flats and t-shirts, along with covers, to last us the weekend that we will be away. If I did not feel so comfortable using our flats, I don't think I would be so prepared to cloth diaper BG for the whole weekend. I plan to use the pad fold and the origami fold for my flat diapers (I switch between these at home as well). This means that I will just pick up the clean diapers from our pac-n-play and not have to refold anything.
I also of course have our normal diapers with more stay dry inner fabrics and cute bells and whistles. These will probably be our night time diapers. I also am thinking that I will be taking my camp washer, just in case I have to wash covers or anything. It can also be pretty handy for storing dirty diapers too.
While cloth diapers may be a little bulkier when traveling, I think the benefits far outweigh their very slight pitfalls.
How do you diaper when traveling?

Until next time... Happy Travels!
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