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Jun 27, 2011

How long to use a Monitor

Baby Monitors. Almost everyone uses one at some point when they have a baby in the house. We got one when LJ was born. I wanted to be able to hear my baby when I was not in the room with him. Since we did not get one at our baby shower, we picked one up at Walmart. We ended up getting the Safety 1st Glow And Go Two Receiver Monitor and it worked pretty well. We still have it, though from all the drops the receivers have had, they tend to get very quiet at times.
Fisher-Price Sounds 'N Lights Monitor With Dual ReceiversI have loved looking at other/newer monitors in case we decide to or need to replace our baby monitors. I like looking at ones with lights.Ones with lights give me a visual cue as well as the auditory cues when a child makes a noise. I think one of my favorite monitor sets in the same price range as our first monitor is the Fisher-Price Sounds 'N Lights Monitor With Dual Receivers. I like when the bases for the monitors are unobtrusive. I also find two hand sets to be the best fit for us. Sometimes, I would even love more. :)
Now, why am I talking about baby monitors today? Well, We started using a baby monitor when LJ was born. He is now over three years old and I still have the monitor on each night. Hubby thinks it is past time for us to turn it off. Of course, we will end up using it again when BG moves into big brother's room. I am feeling a slight twinge of motherly attachment, I guess you could call it. The thought of not hearing any noise that comes from LJ's room is something I am used to. I like knowing if he starts crying in his sleep or needs mommy for something. More times than not it is LJ whimpering in his sleep, and he needs to be covered up or he lost his blankie in his sleep. I have become so used to it, that giving up that connection starts to tear at the mommy side of me. 
So, my question for you is,
When did you stop using a monitor in your kid's room?

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