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Jun 14, 2010

Potty Help

Hi ladies. I know I have been quiet lately. There is a reason for that, but that is a whole different post. The New to Cloth Series will be coming to a close shortly, I just need to make sure I have all the posts for newbies that I want to add and then we will have a closing give-away. Yes, you read right, I willing be having my very first give-away as the final post in my very first series. I thought it would be fitting.
Okay. So, now on to the main reason for this post. This is not a series post. My son has now been telling us when he pees and poos. But, I am realizing that he is telling us about it not after, but right before. I am thrilled for this revelation.
When he was about 13 months or so, I was able to get him to sit on his potty and he even started to hold some poos until he sat on the potty. Then we took a break because I wasn't ready or able to fully potty train him at that time, because there was a lot going on in our lives at the moment. Of course things have not calmed down, but he seems to be showing signs that he is really ready to start training.
The kicker is that I can no longer get him to sit on his potty. I thought that maybe when he was younger his boy parts may have gotten a slight pinch from the foam seat as it has a little cup area for you to turn it as a shield for boys or flip it down for girls. So, I turned it down so it wouldn't be in the way. Well, that still didn't work. He does NOT want to sit on that potty chair. I even brought it out to the living room hoping if he could sit and watch one of his shows, he would, but no luck.
Do you have any suggestions? What did you do to potty train your kids? I could really use all the help I can get!
Thanks ladies!
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