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Jul 14, 2011

Words of Advice

Our church family was blessed on Sunday to learn that one of our moms is expecting once again. We were all so happy for her. This is going to be a big adjustment again for the family as her two boys are going to be 9 and 10 when the newest addition arrives. Actually the youngest has his birthday about 4 days after the mom's due date. :)
One of the first things I mentioned to her when we found out was about using cloth diapers. She was interested in learning more about them. I told her that they are not the diapers she remembers and she was happy to know that. We have three women (I included) that use cloth diapers in our church. Two of us were there for the big announcement Sunday. 
I can't wait to school her on the new cloth diapers that are out there. The other mom may even have a bunch of BumGenius that she can sell to the new mommy, since her youngest is now potty training. There are so many diapers available to new moms. While you can still use flats and covers like our moms and grandmothers used, you can also use prefolds, and pockets, and AIOs. Oh My!
This is where I want a little bit of your help.
What words of advice would you give to a mom new to cloth diapering?
I want to be able to offer her not only me advice, but the advice of other moms who have used cloth and may have differing views from mine.

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